About Us

Founded in 2009 by Lydie Ullmann and Reine Ullmann Okuliar, Galerie E.G.P is a contemporary art gallery representing an international group of artists embracing all forms of media.

In addition to its Paris presence, Galerie E.G.P opened a new space in London in 2013, which was transferred to New York in 2014, to generate a wider audience for its artists and insure the recognition of their significance within art history.

Central to Galerie E.G.P’s mission is the international promotion of its artists. Galerie E.G.P is cognisant of the fact that contemporary art transcends national boundaries and involves all forms of visual expressions including paintings, photography, video, performances, works on paper, installations. Galerie E.G.P therefore collaborates worldwide with artists, museums, independent curators and art critics for the organization of innovative and pioneering exhibitions.